Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Media Day at the Ball Park; Opener Tomorrow

Grant Kittleson of WDBJ7 sets up an interview with Salem Manager Kevin Boles (foreground).^

Gene Marrano of Play-by-Play Magazine (among many other news organizations, including WVTF Public Radio and FRONT) interviews a player.^

Brian Hoffman of the Salem Times-Register is the dean of the Roanoke Valley sportswriting fraternity with nearly 40 years invested. (He's also one of the truly good guys.)^

WDRL's Dave Ross gets his turn with Salem's manager.^

The Salem Red Sox open the 2010 Carolina League baseball season on the road at Potomac tomorrow night and will be here for their home opener Friday of next week. The Sox held their annual meet the press and photo day at the park in Salem this afternoon and the usual suspects--including me--showed up. The photos above give you an idea what it looked liked. I think we're all ready for the games to begin.

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