Saturday, April 24, 2010

Charities Work for the Betterment of Roanoke

This is one of three Habit for Humanity houses undergoing renovation today on Salem Avenue in Roanoke.^

Doubleclick on photos to enlarge them.)

Greeley Wyatt of the Habitat Builders Club eyes his drill.^

Here's Greeley again, preparing a beam for the house.^

Sign on the front porch tells everybody what's going on.^

Paul Glassbrenner, Greeley Wyatt and Frank Lemanski work on the Salem Avenue property.^

The Building Together house just up the street on Salem Avenue.^

These workers from Roanoke City's Code Enforcement Department build and clean this house.^

Two different charity projects were in high profile along Salem Avenue in Roanoke today: three Habitat for Humanity renovations and one Building Together project just up the street.

One of the Habitat houses was being worked on by a group of retirees who have formed a group to do just that, while employees of Roanoke City put their sweat into the fourth house for a family that could not afford to pay for the work.

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