Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Downtown Living: Get Your Tickets Right Here

A wall at Wilson Hughes that you just have to see.^

The Davidsons' foyer. Wanna see more? See me.^

OK, admit it: you're nosey. You want to know how people live, what their digs look like, what kind of stuff they have, what the bathroom smells like, whether cat hair gets on their things.

Now's your chance to see what it’s like in downtown Roanoke in some of the newest and most modern apartments and businesses during this year’s Downtown Living Tour Saturday, May 15 10-5 p.m. and Sunday, May 16 from 1-5 p.m. And you can buy tickets from me for the special introductory, blue plate special price of $15 right now or $20 if you put it off too long. Just e-mail me ( and I'll get a ticket to you--in person if necessary.

I swore I'd never do this ticket-selling business, but I believe in the sponsoring Arts Council of the Blue Ridge so much that I joined its board recently and this is a major fundraiser at a time when money is tight and homes are still just as much fun to visit. Think of it: $15 and you get to soak up other people's lifestyles for a day or so.

This year’s tour features nine locations, one art show (Tables, Lamps & Chairs--And Other Sculptural, Functional and Fine Art for Contemporary Living), discounts to area merchants and free transportation thanks to Commonwealth Coach and Trolley Museum.

This year’s properties include:
  • Cotton Mill Lofts (home to Rodney Overstreet),
  • HL Lawson Building (home to Brandon Kirk),
  • Wilson Hughes Gallery (home to artists John Wilson and Suzun Hughes),
  • 414 C South Jefferson Street (home to Janice and Larry Davidson),
  • 118 Campbell Ave SW (home to Cindy and Keith Hummer),
  • 16West Kirk Ave (home to Joe Pritchard and fiancĂ© Heather Nichols,
  • 303 Market Street (home/office for Kevin Devine and Devine Building Services).
Ticket holders will receive discounts at participating merchants. If you don't want to buy tickets from moi, you can buy yours at the Roanoke Civic Center, Jefferson Center (my office is just down from the ticket booth) and The Arts Council of the Blue Ridge. (But I know you and you want to buy them from me. Don't dare buy them from anybody else.)

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