Saturday, April 17, 2010

Earth Day in Granolaville

Roanoke Mayor David Bowers (black vest in the center) managed to find a crowd at Grandin Gardens and made a speech, handing out a proclamation in the process.^

Wendy Schuyler shows how an expert twirls a hoola hoop.^

Suzan Tyler Decker reads from her book, 'Johnny Green and the Little Green Man'.^

Suzan signs her book for my granddaughter.^

Camille Moorfield does some intense earthworm research.^

My buddy Rosalie Kell (left) discusses the benefits of earthworms to Camille and her pal.^

I don't know if the boys at the Taxaco station thought about it, but the electric cars on their lot could mean bye-bye to their way of life.^

My wife, Christina Koomen (left), and Jennifer Bowman of Cox talk about Cox's e-recycling event.^

Tumbling is a marvelous way to keep the knee-biters occupied.^

Erin Hunter sings and Monica Vilhauer plays violin to entertain Earth Day revelers. ^

If Earth Day has a ground zero in the Roanoke Valley, it is the combination of Grandin Gardens and the Roanoke Natural Foods Cooperative in Grandin Village. For most of today it was a beehive of activity for granola-eating, latte-sipping lefties, celebrating like happy pagans.

If the right has its Tea Parties, the left has Earth Day and the atmosphere was positively festive for the entire day. Here is some of what it looked like (and I was there because my peeps were there).


  1. LOL It was a pleasure to finally meet you today, Dan, and your lovely wife. I took 81 pics and yours are better than every one of mine. hmpf.

  2. Lisa: I was delighted to meet you, as well and I'll bet your photos are just fine.

  3. Ha! Just saw this - it was a great day! Thanks Dan and Christina....I hope your granddaughter likes Johnny Green!