Thursday, April 22, 2010

Virginia House Saves Public Broadcasting Funding

The Virginia House of Delegates, in a rare and responsible vote that serves the public interest, overcame Gov. Bob McDonnell's efforts to eliminate funding for public broadcasting in the Commonwealth yesterday. The vote came during the one-day veto session and is reported here in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Our local daily did not have a report that I could find.

The Times-Dispatch report says, "The House’s action will leave about $1.1 million in funding for public radio and television and about $10 million for the Comprehensive Services Act." Doesn't seem like much, but public broadcasting operates on "not much."

(Note: It is my understanding that Del. Morgan Griffith, with whom I have never agreed on anything to my knowledge, is a supporter of public radio. My guess is that, if the rumor is true, he has significant responsibility for blocking the governor's efforts. If so, I say, "Thank you, sir.")

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