Monday, April 19, 2010

One Final Hall of Fame Dealie

White people stare at camera and accept stuff: That's Bonnie and Bob Lee (left), Mayor David Bowers holding the proclamation and Christina and me in the middle.

Interesting little Proclamation ceremony at City Council's afternoon meeting today, where Bob Lee, late of WDBJ7 and I showed up to accept the notice of the city for being named to the Virginia Communications Hall of Fame.

My wife works in the City Manager's office, so I asked if she'd show up and take a picture or two and she did just that, only to have Councilman Rupert Cutler insist she needed to be in the photo and promptly take over the camera.

Mayor David Bowers was, of course, in his element, doing the part of his job he does best: the ceremonial stuff (and I'm not sure we've ever had a mayor who enjoys it more or does it better than David, frankly).

The Proclamation declares April 1, 2010 as Bob Lee and Dan Smith Day and Bob and I agreed I get the morning and he has the afternoon and evening. Seems fair to me.

My pal Joe Dashiel of WDBJ7 News was there to chat with Bob and me afterwards (news clip is here) and David says the entire session will be broadcast on Public Access Channel 3 Thursday at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 4 p.m.

And now, I think maybe all the celebrating about the Hall of Fame is over and we can get back to work. Thanks, everybody. Very nice.

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