Thursday, February 11, 2010

Your Government at Work: One Company, One Bill

House Speaker Bill Howell (right) wants protection for one company.>

The Washington Post has a story this morning (here) that tells you just about everything you need to know about abuse of power in the Virginia General Assembly and one of the prime players is Salem Del. and drunk driving lawyer Morgan Griffith. Another of those pushing for a bill to benefit a single company fearing lawsuits over asbestos is Del. David Albo of Fairfax, Griffith's law partner.

Basically, Virginia House Speaker Bill Howell has been trying to ram through a bill for some time and has gone to great lobbying and manipulating lengths to get it done. He has even changed the makeup of one committee to get a favorable result in his attempts to help Crown Cork & Seal, which has 300 Virginia employees, but is based in Philadelphia. The bill would limit the company's liability in lawsuits and it would affect no other company in Virginia--or anywhere else. That simply isn't done. But it may be if Howell twists enough arms and then can persuade the Senate to comply (which is doubtful). Crown Cork & Seal has contributed $8,000 to Howell's PAC in the past two years.

Read the story. Start your day off right, understanding how your government works.

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