Monday, February 8, 2010

City: Clear Your Sidewalks, Or Else!

A well shoveled sidewalk, for example, looks like the one in front of ... uh-hum ... my house.^

OK, boys and girls, the time for gold-bricking is over. Get out the snow shovel and hop to it, right now!

Roanoke city officials have sent out a reminder that you can either clean up your sidewalks (the ones in front of your house and your business) or you will be cited for it (Article I, Section 30-16 if you're quoting code). That means you can be fined. There was no word about death penalty applications, however. Here's the release:

"Given recent snowstorms and the threat of others in the near future, the city is more aggressively identifying, and is prepared to cite, property owners who do not comply with this ordinance. Code Enforcement staff will be out today providing reminder notices to businesses and residents who have not yet shoveled the sidewalks adjoining their property.

"In accordance with the City Code, if sidewalks adjoining a residence or business are not cleared of snow or ice, the city may cite the property owner. If there is no tenant or occupant of the property and the owner or agent cannot be found, the city may have the sidewalk cleaned at the expense of the owner, with an additional 20 percent penalty.

"Sidewalks covered by ice and snow can create treacherous conditions for pedestrians. Area schools often delay reopening after a snowfall because sidewalks are unsuitable for children to walk to school. In addition, slippery sidewalks are a danger to citizens who rely on public transportation as they walk to catch the bus.

"The city asks residents and business owners to be mindful of the requirements of the City Code and respect the safety of all citizens. The most effective way to restore safety to sidewalks after a snow or ice storm is for everyone to do their part in clearing them."

Don't say you haven't been warned. (If you're old, sick or just too damn lazy to do it, call somebody at the city and see if you can get an exemption. The first two probably can. The other guy will just have to lie.)

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  1. Duane's uncle was worried about the sidewalks in front of the Co. not being cleared and them being fined for it (this is in Lybg), so Duane did some investigating. The fine is $5. It would cost them so much more, as a company, to put several men to work clearing that packed down snow then it would to pay a $5 fine and let the city take care of it. Just saying. Bureaucracy, smureacracy. Make it work, already.