Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finally, Some Sense in Virginia Gun Laws!

Imagine this baby mounted on your Hummer-tank whizzing down I-81 at break-neck--and now legal--speeds in Virginia.^

It's looking good that Virginia's going to get all those much-needed gun law changes that have been delayed by Democratic-Socialistic governors for all these years, laws that, for example allow us to take guns into bars or lock them in our pickup trucks at church.

The Virginia Senate passed a whole passel of them yesterday and we can feel safe to return to our favorite restaurant, despite what pinko, panty-waist Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple (a Dem, of course) said, "I've really never been afraid for my life in a Red Lobster." Well, she's never been to the same Red Lobsters we've been to. Ever look in those dark corners, lady? Whipple, indeed.

Equally important to Virginians who see armed enemies at every turn--as every real American should--were bills that remove the oppressive and unrealistic one gun a month purchase rule. I mean, one gun a month?!? Lordgodawmighty, that's just 12 guns a year. It'd take a decade to properly arm the home of a right-thinking American.

In what was unofficially called the "Stick This One Up Your Butt, New York Act", the Senate ruled that guns made and used in the Old Dominion would not be impacted by those oppressive, commie federal laws. We need to do that across the board with all the federal laws. Just wipe them out.

Now, when that old military boy governor of ours signs these freedom-celebrating laws, we'll rank right up there with Texas in granting full Constitution-guaranteed (and don't you dare bring up that militia thing, you sissy) gun freedoms to our citizens. Next up: tanks. Every god-fearing, Homeland-Security-thinking American should have the right to buy the tank of his choice. Uh, wait a minute. A Hummer IS a tank, right? Well, how about let's arm it and with the Senate's new 70mph speed limits we can zoom through the night protected from the gathering hoardes of Virginia thugs.


  1. one thing about that militia thing, Dan. in Virginia, the state constitution puts us all in the unorganized militia -- i mean, unless you've aged out. :)

  2. Tim: It's moot anyway if--as appears to be the case--the General Assembly is going to declare federal law (and the Constitution of the U.S.) doesn't apply to Virginians. I've aged out, would qualify as a CO, am anti-war, anti-gun and too damn liberal to ever be in the same room with a militia, so I'll declare the Virginia constitution doesn't apply to me. Tit for tat.