Friday, February 26, 2010

Is This a Record for Corrections?

The local daily newspaper had two corrections in its paper edition today--dealing with yesterday's two top stories. I don't recall that happening before. Oh-for-above-the-fold.

The Page 2 corrections (and an elaboration of one of them on Page 7) dealt with the screaming story on arts funding (essentially, the correction tells us the world of art will not end tomorrow because the state contributions to the organizations is relatively small); and a lawsuit against Carilion. (Why am I surprised to find this at the top of Page 1 and the important story of the organization's leadership changes on Page 14 of today's edition--days and days after it was announced? Carilion also had an announcement about closing the door on drug reps a few days ago that I don't recall showing up on Page 1, though it is important).

What you find on the Web site is this. It's dated more than a week ago and doesn't involve either of these corrections. (Note: The Web boys and girls finally updated the site with the correx.)

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