Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Fine Writing From Dan Casey

While we're referring readers this a.m., let us give you the writings of Roanoke daily newspaper columnist Dan Casey today as yet another example of why I think he is the best local columnist in these parts since Mike Ives 35 or 40 years ago. Read this. It's about a Carilion court case and if it was a basketball game, Dan would be a color commentator.

Among his observations:

Judge Cliff Weckstein "lectured one of the lawyers with lines from ... 'My Cousin Vinny.'"

Carilion's lawyers "looked fit, fashionable, attentive and very expensive."

A plaintiff's lawyer is "a successful medical malpractice specialist from Annandale whose office is in a commercial district just down the street from a fried chicken stand," who needs a haircut and "was dressed in a blue suit that probably cost a lot of money but looks cheap anyway ..." This lawyer's briefcase "looks like something the Fuller brush man would have carried door to door in the 1940s."

Though "I am wholly unqualified to judge whether malpractice occurred," Dan offers up an opinion just the same. Read it to find out how it goes. Might surprise you.

Excellent piece, Mr. Casey.

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