Sunday, February 14, 2010

'A Single Man': The Mercedes Steals the Movie

Here's Colin Firth (left), a potential love interest and the more interesting than either 1958 Mercedes 220SE.^

Here's another example of the great gender divide: Christina and I saw "A Single Man" last night at the Grandin Theatre (yes, I still go). She cried out loud at the end. I was nodding off periodically from about 10 minutes in. I am told crying signals approval among those of the female persuasion. Sleeping does not.

My friend Kurt told me this was "the best movie of the year." I usually agree with Kurt on matters cultural and otherwise. Not this time. This baby was a homo-erotic snoozer from the opening scene of our hero kissing a dead guy.

I don't consider myself insensitive, but Colin Firth never did convince me that his grand suicide scheme in the wake (so to speak) of his lover's sudden death was anything more than a diversion, although I found it mildly amusing that every man (and the only woman with anything like a role) in the movie had the hots for him. Seemed to me to be a pretty boring English professor with a mild, but mostly hidden, philosophical bent and a great car.

The saving grace of fashion designer Tom Ford's movie was a combination of its look (perfect 1962 with an affecting use of color and black and white to emphasize emotion) and a startlingly beautiful forest green 1958 Mercedes 220SE coupe. Point being, I guess, that if you have a great car, you can find love.


  1. Danny Boy... Let me guess... You're a Democrat, taught school somewhere in there (unfortunately), if you were given a coupe like this you wouldn't know what to do with it except buy a car cover. Secretly you'd like to be a Californian but were born somewhere else, probably not Virginia either. Are you sure about your wife and Kurt? Sure? Hope I didn't hurt your feelings Danny Boy.

    BTW, did you see The King's Speech? Remember about WWII and all that dreck?

    What do I do? Rock star trumpet player most of my life... just before that I drove one of these beautys in Mercedes Blue for the summer of 1961.

    Say hello to your wife for me. Remember, if you've ever purchased a recording or gone to a concert, you have probably put money into my pocket. Sorry Danny Boy, but I'll shut up if you stop "teaching". K?

    Visit me down here in Austin if you wanna race or duke it out. LOL

    Peace Out, Danny Boy...


    PS I'm not gay...never wanted to even "try" it. You? Come on now. Be honest. LOL

  2. Billy:
    Lot of assumptions in there and not a one of them right. I reviewed "The King's Speech" Feb. 10 and like it. Not a Democrat (not a Repub, either). Not a teacher (never got a degree; too busy working), though I occasionally teach a college class on writing. I'll stop when I'm no longer asked. Born and reared in N.C., lived in Va. since 1971. Kurt's happily married; Christina and I are split (but not over Kurt). Lived in Calif. for a while; hated it. Not consciously gay, but it's not an issue. You didn't hurt my feelings with your funny, if a bit biting and presumptuous, letter. One of my best friends is from Austin (he's not gay) and he calls it The People's Republic of Texas.
    Thanx for your note.