Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Darlene Burcham: Final Official Act

Darlene Burcham (the redhead in the middle) cut part of the ribbon for the opening of Roanoke's new $7-plus million police academy this afternoon in what is likely to be her final official act as city manager. Her last day on the job is officially Sunday, but word is she will take vacation the rest of this week and get on to whatever's next.

Darlene has adamantly denied that retirement is her goal at this point and has said pointedly when asked--on several occasions--"I'm looking for a job." She will be replaced Monday by Chris Morrill (find out about him here).

Darlene's 10 years as city manager have been among the most turbulent in the city's political history and with City Council finally asking her to retire at the end of February. Reluctantly, she did and, for all intents and purposes, today does it for her.

I like Darlene--though I disagreed with much she did--but I will say honestly and sincerely, Good luck, ma'am. You gave it your best shot.

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