Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boucher Among Obama's Super Bowl Guests

You might have noted that Ninth District Congressman Rick Boucher is a guest at the White House for today's Super Bowl.

Boucher is a Democrat whose district runs from Abingdon to Roanoke County and he's a former jock (even if he looks more like Mr. Peepers than Julius Peppers*), though his sport was basketball.

He joins seven other members of Congress (one a Republican, one a woman and one--Chris Dodd--you are likely to have heard of) as guests. There are nine other guests (four of them women) and one would assume spouses or significant others for all.

Boucher's basketball was played at Abingdon High School (class of 1964, same high school class as me; he's one day younger than I, born August 1, 1946). Boucher, a former Wall Street lawyer and state senator, is a graduate of Roanoke College and the UVa law school and has been in the House of Representatives since 1983.

* Carolina Panthers defensive end for the non-fan.

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