Friday, February 26, 2010

Boucher vs. Griffith: The Game Is Afoot

Let the mud-slinging begin: Morgan Griffith (right) has made official the rumors he's running for the 9th District Congressional seat held since the early 1980s by the competent and popular Rick Boucher (above).

Boucher is a traditional Southern Democrat (more conservative than the national party, but a guy living in the 21st Century); Griffith is a right-wing Republican who has far more in common with Grover Norquist (who wants to shrink government to a size you "could drown in the bathtub") than Theodore Roosevelt.

Griffith has held his seat for years because of his overwhelming popularity in Salem. He is little known outside the district, even though he has been the Republican House Majority Leader for some time.

Griffith does not live in the 9th District (it is legal for him to run, though he does not live there) and says he has absolutely no intention of moving into it. The word is that he will attempt to help fellow Repubs gerrymander the district to suit his needs, rather than make an effort to be part of it.

(Boucher photo: Declan McCullagh.)


  1. If Griffith doesn't have to live in the 9th to run, I don't have to live in the 9th to vote against him?

  2. Well, I do live in the "fighting 9th", and I WILL vote for Morgan Griffith.

  3. And why does every district insist on calling itself the "fighting xth"? Maybe the 9th needs a newer, more original branding.