Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Woman Who Knows Value

Gwen Mason and her Goodwill find^

I'm standing in front of about 100 people scattered loosely, left to right in front of the new Goodwill retail store at East Market Square in Roanoke at this morning's ribbon-cutting. Roanoke City Councilwoman Gwen Mason, who's running for the Virginia General Assembly, eases over beside me. She leans over and nudges me with her shoulder as the speakers change. She whispers, "I'm shopping for my campaign wardrobe."

Take that Sarah Palin! A few minutes later, I'm taking a photo of Gwen holding up a nice black dress (basic, conservative, white collar). "Oh, this is good," she says and prances off to try it on. Woman of impeccable taste, I think. And good sense of value.

1 comment:

  1. "...Take that Sarah Palin!" Can she explain this quote and what she means by it. I really don't understand how Sarah Palin is any threat to her and her campaign to run for Virginia House of Delegates.