Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two More Mayors Endorse Carter Turner

Carter Turner gaining ground?<

I'm not quite sure what to make of it, but there seems to be a shift in the tide over in Salem with the unthinkable--on the scale of a Perriello-style upset--in the balance. Carter Turner, the Democratic rookie candidate challenging entrenched Del. Morgan Griffith (16 years entrenched) got a couple of important endorsements today to go with an impressive list that includes the current Salem Mayor. The new endorsements--from Sonny Tarpley and Howard Packett--gives Turner the blessing of three Salem mayors.

Business people have tended to keep a low profile in Salem when it came to endorsing against Griffith. Business people have told me for years that they fear what he might do if they didn't support him. I don't know how legitimate those fears are, but I know they exist. Formers Mayor Tarpley, a retired banker and a Republican, and Democrat Packett endorsed Turner for the 8th District seat. Both were respected business professionals before retirement.

Said Tarpley, “I have known and respected Carter Turner for many years. His long-term connection to the people of this community coupled with an even temperament and intelligence are exactly what we need to get meaningful communication started again in Richmond.”

Packett is the former owner of The Packett Group (now Neathawk, Debuque & Packett), the region's largest ad agency. He says, “It’s time to get new ideas and common sense back in Richmond. Carter Turner’s approach to bipartisan coalition building and problem solving is precisely what we need representing the citizens of Salem and Roanoke County.”

(Roanoke Free Press photo of Carter Turner; modified with Photoshop)


  1. FWIW, Packett has always been a D and actually ran against Morgan in his first race. Tarpley is not and never has been a Republican. In fact, his only partisan activities over the years have been endorsing and campaigning for Democrats (Packett, Edwards, Turner, etc). Going to be interesting to see the spin from these folks when Morgan wins by 20-30%. Should be a fun fall. I suppose if Sonny hadn't been in FL all these he'd have a better handle on the situation. Anyways, congrats to Turner. This gives his floundering campaign something to talk about for 24 hours.

  2. It's great to see some new ideas on the way in. Hopefully we'll see the benefits of change sooner rather than later. Even if no major changes in the the valley is desired or felt, every few years we need new representation to maintain a fair and honest government for the people.