Friday, September 18, 2009

400 Posts and Counting

How 'bout that: I just passed my 400th blog post (on this blog anyway; total is 402 now) since it started Oct. 16 of last year. That's a book or more.


  1. And 387 of them are superb, just terrifically well worth reading and even re-reading.

    Congratulations, Dan -- your blog is a joy and a treasure, and one hopes you're only just getting started!

    And on the subject of 400 -- maybe this milestone is the sequel to 300 that the producers of that Spartan epic 300 have been looking for.

    Hard to sequelize that one because all the primary characters were dead at the close, but a fine film could doubtless be fashioned out of your 400 noble blows against narrowmindedness, blindered thinking, entrenched power, and just general boneheaditude.

    Question is whether or not the public's ready for a movie that has Dan Smith in a thong, carrying a shield and raising a sword.

  2. Keith, I love you, man, but let's not get into the thong thing. We're looking more toward the mumu these days. And thank you for the observation from one of the best and most productive writers in America. (By the way, your name came up at the ball game today. Doug Cumming said he was slayed by your class at the Writers Conference and wanted to know if you were coming back. I told him you are. Hope I'm right ... or write.)