Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Morgan Griffith and Heart Attacks

A couple of new studies just released have confirmed something we already strongly suspected: smoking in public kills a whole lot of people every year. One study found that smoking bans in public places cut heart attacks by 17 percent in the first year and "by as much as 36 percent over three years," according to a Reuters news report. Another revealed that they cut the rate of heart attacks by 26 percent and could help avert 154,000 heart attacks a year.

That's a lot of health care money and lives saved improved. In the U.S., 32 states have smoking bans, Virginia not among them, though it will join the crowd in December ... years after it should have.

One of those primarily responsible for Virginia's lack of a public smoking ban (bills get killed in committee consistently so the creepoids who oppose them won't have to publicly express their opposition) is Del. Morgan Griffith of Salem, the Majority Leader in the Virginia House of Delegates. He is adamantly opposed to the ban, saying restaurants can post signs saying they'd rather you not smoke if they want to, but that it's not the government's business.

He's running for re-election. It's time to run him off and replace him with somebody who is concerned about the health of those of us who choose not to breathe other people's smoke.


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  2. Sorry, deleted my first comment because it had a lot of typos (as my posts usually do).

    The point was that it's interesting you'd single out Morgan when almost the entire Delegation from the Roanoke and New River Valleys voted against the bill.

    Those voting against the bill were: Onzlee Ware, William Fralin, Morgan Griffith, Jim Shuler, Dave Nutter and Ralph Smith. In fact, the only local voting for it was Edwards.

    Anyway, I look forward to your story about throwing Onzlee out based on his vote. Maybe you can do a story about the blatant conflict of interest for Onzlee to vote to the kill the smoking ban when he himself is a smoker. Or maybe you just reserve that garbage for Morgan?

  3. Its a sad day when the focus on fewer heart attacks from smoking is related to law and politics. It would be much more beneficial to our health to try and turn the focus back to those many health resources that go unnoticed with useful information.

  4. Sal-Rep: Actually, I think Ware has about as much business in the General Assembly as does Griffith, but he is about as inconsequential a back-bencher as exists in the GA. I am embarrassed by his presence in the General Assembly for a multitude of reasons, among them his consistent support of Griffith, whose political philosophy is anethma to Ware's constituency. Likewise, Ralph Smith, whom I have criticized for years as the worst mayor in my memory and a disaster as a Senator. As a group--with a single exception--the Roanoke Valley contingent in the GA is the worst in my memory. This is not about party; it is about effectiveness and political philosophy. I will stress again--as I have to every so often--I am not a Democrat, but I'm also not elected, so that makes no difference.

  5. Boy, your hatred for Morgan Griffith is astonishing!

    Why, do you dislike this man so much?

    Can you, Dan, list all the local candidates you have openly endorsed?

    How do feel about the three seats up for Roanoke County Supervisors?

    Interested in what your opinions are on these local races...

    Feel free to answer,you have a real way with attacking people's heart and souls---that tactic, I strongly disagree with you on.

    After, reading some of your post, you really do need to "pray" more, for yourself, Dan----I will do the same for you and of course, for me too.( I am running right beside you, at times, cutting the throats of others, who just happen to disagree with me.)

    We each have our individual right to our opinions---but I think you are a rude and can be a very disgusting, person----stay away from the local high school football games, if you can not control your out burst---manners 101---didn't they teach you that in journalism school, or did you go to College--???