Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Irony of the Day: Roanoke Times Advice on Firing People

Oh, my goodness, this one's just too good to let pass. The headline on this a.m.'s lead editorial in The Roanoke Times, long known for running off its longest-serving and best employees at the drop of a profit percentage point, had this advice for Radford University in a headline:

Radford University cuts jobs and morale
The school fired two popular employees without warning. They deserved better treatment.

There was this finger-wagging lecture (and it's classic): "Everyone knew the layoffs were coming, but dropping the ax so abruptly is no way to treat long-time employees." And finally, "This is not like ripping off a Band-Aid. Quick firings leave a lingering sting that undermines morale and the reputation of the university."

Hear! And might I add HEAR!

I hope a copy of the editorial made its way into the executive offices where the futures of talented people now departed were determined in a manner that many would describe as "quick firings [that] leave a lingering sting that undermines morale ..."

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