Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Roanoke Named Best Place (Ballot Box Stuffed)

For those of you who keep up with this sort of thing, Roanoke has been named the best city in the country, according to a Kiplinger poll in which 18,725 people voted. Roanoke edged Louisville, Ky., for the title 3,229-3,048. We stuffed the box better'n they did, is my guess. Lynchburg finished fourth at 2,194.

This note appeared at the list of the top cities:

"On June 10, we noticed that a peculiar pattern of ballot stuffing had skewed the top 25 vote count in our best cities poll. So we reset the voting tally to where it had been 48 hours earlier. (Thanks for the heads up, tweeters.) Louisville, Lexington, we feel your love. Please vote again --just once a day, please. To the person (or people) who stuffed the ballot box, come on, let people express the excitement they feel for their favorite city. This is a reader's choice poll. No prizes. No deadline. Thanks."

By the way: I agree it's a good place to live. Wrote a long recommendation to somebody considering moving here the other day and I think it was convincing.

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