Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shoot 'Em Up: Me 'n' My Gun

Me and my favorite gun^

Dan Casey, the best Roanoke Times columnist since Mike Ives left in the 1970s (and I say that as a close reader of these guys) has just run a blog photo contest called "Gun lovers and their guns." I entered it with a photo of me and my favorite gun (uh ... my ... uh ... only gun), but I missed the dang deadline.

This hot little number is the one I shoot the cats with when they start to pee on the television set. Sets them off; they go straight up in the air every time. Nice blast from this little green lugar and every time I pull the trigger my testosterone level elevates to dangerous numbers. I just love it. Turn on Rush Limbaugh every time I pick the dang thing up.

Now the Casey case: If you doubt his value, read this morning's column on the 4th Ammendment. It's typical of his questioning, insightful look at issues that might slip past. I didn't much like his column on Liberty University and the campus Democrats (almost everybody was unfair on that one), but that's one in six months or so. The rest are very good.

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