Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hmmmm. What's Missing Here?

Could it be? Yes! It is! The sign's gone. That distinctive Blue Ridge Business Journal sign in its lovely native blue has vanished from Business Journal Towers, a sign--so to speak--of changing times.

The carved metal sign was put up about three years ago by Kinsey Sign Company (at a cost of roughly $3,500) when the Journal moved into BJ Towers, as it came to be known. BJ was given permission to use the indented space at the right for what had the effect of a billboard. When I was editor of the Journal, the joke--when I'd run into a Roanoke Times employee from across the street--was, "Ours is bigger than yours. So's our sign."

Ah, the good old days. The Journal has been absorbed by The Times and is operating out of the RT building, almost anonymously, these days.


  1. Dan,
    What's with you and this everlasting tirade about BRBJ and Roanoke Times? It's getting REAL OLD! Move on and get a life!

  2. Miss Anna: Thank you for your comment, but let me remind you that this blog reflects my interests. You, of course, should follow your interests. When the two converge, I appreciate the attention. The BRBJ entry tells of the continuing destruction of something I built over 20 years and, of course, I notice. I also try to have fun with it and have no malice toward several who work there, including the good editor, the excellent designer and the talented office manager. The Times entry--written by somebody I know and like--makes an excellent point about treatment of employees, one Times executives would do well to understand and appreciate. That long list of veteran employees who were dismissed represents real people with children in college, mortgages, illnesses and uncertainty. It is for them I grieve.