Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whole Grains and the Writers Group

Your correspondent, in his Tennessee orange (lovely, delicate, tasteful) shirt, addressed the Penn Women of the Roanoke Valley today at Mama Mia's in Salem. The topic was the future of the publishing industry and the question-answer portion was informed, intelligent and lively. Good bunch of accomplished women.

The buffet? Pedestrian and like so many restaurants had absolutely no concession to those of us whose old fart diets obviate things like heavy cheese and white flour pasta. The Italian restaurants need to take a page from the book so beautifully written by Olive Garden on how to treat Baby Boomers. Whole grains, baby, and the Italian world opens to us.


  1. We enjoyed your presentation. (And I agree with you about the food.)

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  3. How funny! I've never eaten there before. Too bad the Olive Garden doesn't have a conference room.