Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hey, USPS: Can't You Guys Read!?!

Good old Postal Service. Still can't read. This envelope--which contained the lovely photo from my daughter (pictured)--was pretty damn clearly marked "DO NOT BEND," but, as you can see, the photo has a crease on the right side and the cardboard protector has the same crease.

Looks like some blockhead intentionally bent the picture. For what reason, I have no idea. Maybe the employees are pissed about budget cuts. But, boys and girls, I didn't make the cuts. Bend Bob Goodlatte's friggin' mail, or, better yet, Morgan Griffith's, not mine.

These guys are really rubbing me wrong. A couple of months ago, my son's father-in-law sent a fairly expensive package filled with goodies for the family and the postal service screwed up the order so badly that all kinds of terrible things happened. I have sworn off even the possibility of trying to send a postal package from here to Spain. Just won't happen.

Now, for the second or third time in recent weeks, the USPS has delivered a DO NOT BEND package to my house bent, making the photo much less valuable, much harder to frame and much more likely to really piss me off.

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