Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Little Hike With My New Lens

Revealing selfie with my new Canon 50mm, 1:1.8 lens. Sharp picture.
Moss, short depth of field.
Took a hike along Chestnut Ridge this a.m. with my pal Debbie Stevens and my spanking new Canon 50mm f1:1.8 lens. That's the fast one that I can shoot in a closet and still get clear photos.

This 50mm lens actually plays out as a 75mm when attached to a digital camera (the ratio is +1.5 for lenses on the digital). It's a good portrait lens, I think.

Thought I'd try it out on a hike where there would be little color, but a lot of texture and I like what I got, including the grizzled old man I have become.

Here's a little of what we saw and some of what I shot.

I didn't think much of this shot until I got a close look at it.
Here's Debbie. Portraiture is what the lens does best.

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