Saturday, November 22, 2014

GOP Recalcitrance: Procedure or Substance? (Hint, the First One)

This piece by Noam Scheiber in The New Republic gets it exactly right: The GOP is obsessed with process and methodology over basic philosophy.

Example: "Anyone who’s followed politics during the Obama era has probably noticed that conservatives love to couch their positions in the language of process. So, for example, conservatives rarely admit they want to disenfranchise poor people and African Americans. They talk about the scourge of voter fraud, and the cosmic unfairness of letting ineligible people cast votes."

Another example--and perhaps the best one--is Obama's recent pronouncement on immigration, which the Republican Party is criticizing, not for its content, but for how it is being done: executive order (something George Bush--both of them--knew and understood well).

And, of course, "... try as they might to stick to the script, there’s something about dark-skinned foreigners that sends the conservative id into overdrive."

'Course, "The problem with drawing these crazy relatives down from the attic isn’t just that it exposes the GOP’s soothing proceduralism as a sham when it comes to immigration reform. It’s that it exposes the GOP’s proceduralism as a sham more broadly." That means, in a nutshell, if your skin is darker than, say mine, you might be facing a procedural problem of your own with the GOP.


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