Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Little Help from Sam Rasoul

Sam Rasoul, my delegate and I'm happy about that.
I went by Delegate Sam Rasoul's (D-11th District) office this morning to tell him my tale of woe about the DMV dustup (see previous post; it's two back) and was delighted at his attention and understanding of the issue.

Sam is a guy whose bandwagon I climbed on early, during a campaign a couple of years ago that he lost. He finally won last time around and has proved to be one of the best reps we've had at the state level in a good-long time. He is consistently responsive and has an understanding of how things work that go far beyond his years and even his station as a politician (they don't generally seem to understand much of anything).

I was pleased that he was looking into it, though I don't expect much of a result. It would be easy to blame the DMV for the mess that was made of my driver's license suspension (because somebody whose bank loan I co-signed was late on a liability insurance payment). But I won't do that. The DMV's people are simply enforcing laws passed by the General Assembly, where the fault lies. And that's where the fix should start.

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  1. What I like best about Sam as our delegate is I get the deep gut feeling he really cares about our issues, he's not playing politics. Doesn't hurt he's darn smart too.