Saturday, November 15, 2014

Apples and Shadows: A Mid-Fall Hike

The apples await at Ikenberry Orchard in Botetourt County.
My overflowing peck of staymans.
Today was an open invitation to a crisp, refreshing walk in Botetourt County and a stop at Ikenberry Orchard on the way home to harvest some stayman apples, which are at their peak.

Staymans are my favorite because they are so very tart. They're a great cooking apple and I make my best butternut squash soup with them in late October and early November. The stuff is so good it will make you cry.

The walk up the side of a mountain was exhilirating and the the clear, blue sky lovely. Now for some serious football.
Lingering color and a blue, blue sky.
These allergy-inducing weeds have their own charm.
Self-portrait with shadows.
Mid-fall shadows show a low sun.

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