Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Busy Morning at the Mall

Santa's in full swing a week before Thanksgiving. Not many customers, though.
This guy was having his teeth cleaned, I think.
For the first time this season, I wasn't able to take my daily walk outside, so I went over to Valley View Mall to do my 90 minutes. It wasn't a busy day in the conventional sense, but for those looking a little closer, a good bit was going on.

Santa, of course, was there waiting patiently for somebody, anybody to pay attention to him and just a short distance away a young clerk working a hair-care booth was working on her own hair. I guess you could call that marketing.

A bit further on, a guy inside a walled-off booth was--I think--cleaning a man's teeth. You could see it from above, but not from the ground floor. Thank heaven for small favors.

I liked the table full of codgers who were reminiscing over an old sports scrapbook. A young African-American man stopped by and seemed truly interested in the show-and-tell. Here's some of what went on in photos.
Old Boys Club looking at the scrapbook.
Is this really a marketing effort by the young clerk?
This is the animal orchestra the kids seem to like.
Me in front of the band. I like bear cello players.

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