Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Couple of Photo Beauties Following the Old Man

My best girls: Jennie and Madeline.
Today, I am thankful for:

Being able to pass along the photographic gene (or at least the interest) to my daughter, Jenniffer, and my grandgirl, Madeline.

I gave both their cameras and they are excelling. Both have excellent eyes (which you can't teach) and neither hesitates to stick the camera in your face to get a good shot. The great photographer Frank Capa once said, "If your photo's no good, you're not close enough."

Jennie and Madeline don't seem to have that problem. They both understand angle, back-light, framing and the importance of being close. I think that understanding is more intuitive than anything else.

I love seeing Madeline buzzing around with her little point and shoot, firing off frame after frame, never asking anybody to pose. Jennie, who just got a nice Nikon from Dad for her birthday, seems to specialize in the odd angle or the unusual perspective to get photos that are telling.

I like that they've followed that lead and I know they will both have great joy from their photos in the future.

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