Friday, February 28, 2014

Today's Quote: GOP Playing Games in Richmond Again

The Republican mantra.
"House Republicans, thumbing their nose at the federal funds, would throw the hospitals a bone in the form of $81 million, a comparative pittance. That money would come not from Washington but by cannibalizing the state’s own revenues — in effect, forcing state taxpayers to pony up again for part of what they have already paid for with their federal tax dollars. Without tapping the funds from Washington so that more Virginians have health coverage, some hospitals around the state are in danger of closing.

"In reality, Republicans are far more interested in partisan warfare than a fact-based effort to help the uninsured find coverage and good health care."

--Washington Post editorial today on Virginia House of Delegates Republicans refusing $71 billion in federal Medicaid funds, money desperately needed by Virginia hospitals to treat the indigent. The refusal would result, in effect, in a tax increase for Virginians for something already covered by the federal government.


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