Sunday, February 2, 2014

Photoshoot: A Winter's Day at Carvins Cove

Ice is thick in some spots around the Cove.
Janeson finds the moss is soft and fluffy, like a puppy. Puppy Moss.
Here's both of us on the trail, people following shadows.
Love the way the fish-eye creates symetry.
Yuor basic draw in the round.
This looks like a really ugly guy I used to know.
Janeson goes dancing down the trail. T'was a day to be happy, warm and often sunny.
These people took advantage of the spring to ride horses.
Janeson rests at the top of a hill on a homemade bench.
This is the end of the trail for us and there's a nice overlook of the frozen lake as backdrop.
My pal Janeson Keeley and I took advantage of the warm respite today to hike around Carvins Cove, which has a lot of frozen spots from last week's Santa Claus weather. It was a lovely hike with full views (no leaves to block the way).

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