Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Solitude of a Deep Snow Day

The mailman can get to the mail box now.
Here's my day so far (above). Not much to write home about, I know, but this much snow in this climate is a big deal, a paralyzing big deal.

It's this deep on my truck hood.
It's nice outside if I could slog far enough away from the house to actually say I've taken a walk, which looks unlikely.

I had a busy day of work and play planned, but it looks like the only busi-ness I'm getting into will be projects within the walls of the casa on Edinburgh Drive. Beginning, perhaps, with a shower. Been putting that off because I need to shovel some more and when I shower too much my hair looks like a hay field.

There are at least two nice photographs I need to frame, awaiting me in the (cold as a well-digger's butt) art room, two more I need to order as a gift and three books that I'm "working on" (translation: "avoiding") awaiting my attention.

Snow, snow, go away and let me go out and play. Snow angels, anyone?

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