Friday, February 21, 2014

A Solution to the Execution Mess in Virginia: Shoot 'Em

These boys executed lots of people cheaply and efficiently, and they used guns.
Here's a story in the Richmond Times-Dispatch about the difficulty the Commonwealth is having in coming up with the right amounts and types of chemicals it needs in order to murder people convicted of capital crimes. Damn shame, I'd say.

States across the country are running into the same pharmacy wall: medical people don't want their drugs used for state-sponsored assassination--or any other kind for that matter--since most of them have sworn an oath to protect life, not to take it. Penal officials have searched for years to find a "humane" way to kill people, but the very act itself defies humanity, so why even make the specious claim that you're trying?

Just shoot them if you're going to murder them anyway. This is Virginia, an NRA-controlled state where guns are welcome in church, in school, on playgrounds and in bars. Why not in rooms where people are systematically murdered by the state? Shooting with a proper-caliber bullet--.30 would do it nicely; hollow-point would be even better because the brains would splatter so much more dramatically--would be quick, painless, cheap and relatively easy. Cleanup could involve some minor expense and a smidge of gross-out.

The NRA could pull the trigger. I don't think it'd have any trouble at all having a would-be Wayne LaPierre blow a convict's brains out and he'd likely do it gratis, just for the thrill of shooting something/somebody. Hell's bells, my guess is you could charge admission and the whole Duck Dynasty crowd would show up with popcorn, beer and peanuts. They'd be selling bobble-head dolls of the convict, and give you a firecracker to blow off the bobble head.

So, let's think about this, legislators. Murdering people in the name of the state is perfectly legal. Those panty-waists who make the drugs don't want to take part any more. Friggin' commie-socialists. So, we go to Play B, which shudda been Plan A+ anyway. Bam! Bam! Bam!

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