Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Today's Photo(s): Swinging at 16 West Marketplace

Jason and Whitney Ata (front), Bob Carroll and Alice Inouye (right) are in the Swing Roanoke Club.
Bob and Alice go at it.
Every so often, when I'm out working on a story I run into the coolest stuff. Tonight, I was at 16 West Marketplace downtown talking to the owner of Roanoke's newest movie theater (coming in March in FRONT) when I saw these dancers in the background.

I recognized what they were doing was the Charleston and on occasion young Jason and Whitney Ata or Bob Carroll and Alice Inouye would break into some fancy swing dancing. It was distracting when I was conducting my interview, but pleasantly so.

When I finished talking to Ben Bristoll and Gayla D'Gaia about the theater, I took my Canon over and shot these photos.
Bob tells me that this is Swing Roanoke (reach them here) and it's a local club for swing dancers. Jason and Whitney (who are married) were teaching this class at 16 West tonight and my guess is you can find out how to get involved by e-mailing them. Cool stuff.

16 West is slowly--maybe not quite as slowly as you'd imagine--becoming the coolest place in Roanoke. Look out City Market, you're being overtaken by people with a vision and a belief.
Whitney teaches newbies a Charleston step.

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