Sunday, February 23, 2014

Photos: Two Sunrises, One Mountain, a Lake ...

Your favorite editr on the ridge over Carvins Cove this morning.
My buddy Janeson shot photos.
My pal Janeson Keeley and I hit the trail for the ridge overlooking Carvins Cove this a.m. and found a gorgeous spring day on the way.

We were treated with the additional surprise of watching the sun come up over the ridge after we'd crossed it, leaving the bright sun behind. Two sunrises in one day can't be equalled under normal circumstances.

I love this little hike that is within 15 minutes of my house and this late spring I plan to walk up from the Hollins, down to the Carvins Cove parking lot, where I will have left my truck and a couple of kayaks, take an hour in the boats, then re-cross the mountain before picking up the truck and the boats again. That will be devine. For the time being, though, the hike up and down the mountain works.

Janeson and me: Selfie.
I shot this pine cone on a precarious ledge, but didn't fall.
Second sunrise of the day, this one behind us.
Pampa in his element and his black and gold hoodie.

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