Saturday, February 22, 2014

Photo Essay: A Saturday Tour of City Market

Leah waiting for Roanoke's new amphitheater to open.
I'm eager for the new fountains to be turned on.
Low angle on amphitheater stage.
Like this shot of Blue Cross, Sun Trust, Norfolk Southern buildings.
Leah enjoying brunch at 16 West (the Trucking Company).
Leah's kids selling their pottery.
Leah's wonderfully photogenic daughter-in-law Bea Guiterrez Clements, a potter.
Leah Weiss came over from Lynchburg for a visit today and we went to City Market to update her on the major changes there, including the new amphitheater. Leah's son Paul and his wife Bea were selling Bea's pottery on the Farmer's Market, so it was a nice reunion. Here are some photos of the little excursion, which was delightful.

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