Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Difference Between Kaine and Griffith

Sen. Tim Kaine vs. Rep. Morgan Griffith on the future of coal (from Roanoke Free Press):

Tim Kaine
“We have an obligation to reduce carbon emissions in a way that makes economic sense. We can do this by encouraging American innovation. As I explore the proposed rule, I will work with all stakeholders to make sure our regulatory approach does just that.”

--Tim Kaine

"These regulations will fulfill one of the President’s promises from his 2008 campaign, and send our electric rates sky-high.  President Obama also admitted in 2008 that the cost of these policies will be passed on to consumers. We all know who those people are. Those ‘consumers’ are
Morgan Griffith (without normal scowl)
hard-working, middle-class Americans. I strongly urge President Obama and EPA Administrator McCarthy to declare a ceasefire in the war on coal and stop the regulatory assault on America’s power sector, related businesses, and hard-working American people.”

--Morgan Griffith

Griffith stands foursquare with both feet in the 19th Century on the nation's energy future, and everything else Congress votes on. If we don't convert, we won't convert. It will take some effort and some sacrifice--on the part of the people and on the part of the filthy coal industry, which has had a history of gruesome mistreatment of its workers. Whose side is Griffith on? The mine owners' side. He most certainly is not on the side of the people, working or otherwise. 

Just this week alone, he has voted to remove $40 billion in food stamps, much of that going to hungry poor children and to--for the 41st time--take away health care coverage from Americans who did not have it without the healthcare act. For the people? Bullshit.

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