Monday, September 30, 2013

A Lovely Walk Along the James River

An idyllic view of the James River, early fall.
Initials on a tree: How romantic is that?
Leah and I took a walk along the James River, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday and I continue to be surprised and pleased with the number of hiking/walking trails within our region.

They're easy to find, easy access and generally easy to walk (and when you're my age with my knees, all that's good). This hike was just outside Lynchburg in, I think, Bedford County and accessed an old lock. Locks are cool and a significant part of the James River's history.

Nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon--especially for old codgers.
This is Leah and Meah looking pleased with ourselves and each other.
Leah takes overlook break with the James glistening.
Here's the rock and I'm ready to roll.

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