Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Candidate Says Repairing Bridges Costs Too Much

Michael Abraham would maintain roads and bridges.
Del. Nick Rush (Limbaugh Light), the Republican running against challenger Michael Abraham (my pal) in the 7th District (NRV) said last night that he--in essence--favors Virginia's ridiculously, dangerously low taxes over preserving human life. (Story here.)
Rush Not Limbaugh

That, my friends, is the Republican mantra.

Rush (and, no, I don't think he's related to Rush Limbaugh, though in his heart, I suspect he'd like to be) voted against the Commonwealth Transportation package last year because he was afraid of paying for things like repairing bridges whose pieces are falling on people, threatening life and limb. He's a former FedEx driver who should have some idea of the value of maintained roads, but the guy has little formal education, so maybe he didn't study that.

Here's his reply to the suggestion that we need to maintain roads and bridges:

“I stand by this vote because I know families in the New River Valley can’t afford to have more of their hard-earned money taken out of their pockets in these tough economic times.” Even when money spent could save lives, huh, Nick. I'd say that's a hard line.

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