Friday, September 27, 2013

Photo of the Day: A Beauty at the Cove

It's days like today that you that you want to thank Alexander Wolcott for inventing the camera (1840). I would also like to thank early humans for inventing the kayak and a group of moderns for sticking a camera into a phone.

The last part of that equation allowed me to take these photos a little while ago at Carvins Cove in Roanoke County, even though I had forgotten to load my camera into the boat when I left the house. No matter. The phone took these pix.

The sailboat here (something you don't see a lot at the cove) was bought recently by the captain--a guy about my age--for $800. He put a couple hundred in the rigging and now has a wonderful little boat.

The boat reminds me of the Sunfish we used at Annapolis Sailing School when I attended in the early 1980s. Great little boat that responded to a puff of a butterfly wing. 

I don't know that earth gets any prettier than it was 40 minutes ago on the cove, but if it does, I can't wait to see it. Thanks, god. You done good.

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