Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Abraham Challenges Rush on Uranium Mining

Michael Abraham is stirring the pot in the New River Valley's race for the 7th District House of Delegates seat and his incumbent opponent, Nick Rush ("Limbaugh") is not responding. I think Michael wins on this issue no matter what Rush does because the seat-holder's indecisive, waffling and seems to be leaning toward the position that makes money on a potentially dangerous situation.

Rush's position is thusly stated: "Lastly, the ban on uranium mining will be on the table this year. One of the largest uranium mining deposits in the United States was found in Southern Virginia at Coles Hill. Because there is currently a moratorium on mining uranium in Virginia, the deposit sits there untouched. I have heard from many constituents that oppose and support uranium mining for environmental and economic reasons. I will wait to hear the opinions from more of my constituents, and continue to study the plans and analyses before I make a final decision."

Michael is against uranium mining because of the potential danger. He has made that clear. Rush is hanging out there in waffle land, avoiding a commitment because if he opposes mining, he pisses off the industry (industry has a tendency to buy its representatives, lock, stock and barrell) and if he supports mining, he has to pay the price of a voting public that's unhappy. If he sits on the fence long enough, he seems to be saying, he suffers no pain at all. 

My thought here is that if he doesn't have a clearly stated opinion on a central issue, he must be in favor of mining because even though the industry can provide campaign money, it can't vote en-masse and the angry public can. 

Keep pushing, Michael. I'd say you have an issue.

And while you're looking for issues at the edge of coal country, I don't know why nobody has proposed the re-training of coal miners for the growing alternative energy segment. Coal is filthy and coal mining is dangerous. Coal miners--this is a guess--likely don't want their children going into the mines and would much rather they work in a solid industry that doesn't kill them with black lung or falling rock. Michael, you listening?

(Graphic: Southern Poverty Law Center)


  1. See Onzlee Ware: he has the same ambiguous, open-ended stance concerning uranium mining. We citizens who are his constituents need to let him know that such ambiguity about uranium mining in our flood-prone state is not tenable!

  2. Annie: Onzlee Ware is a waste of carbon, of space and of time. His terms as a house member have been most notable for being without contribution to anything. He started out as Morgan Griffith's Democratic lapdog and has sunk from there.