Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Language Atrocity of the Day: 'Vigiling'

These people have gathered to conjugate the verb "to vigil."
When sportscaster Mike Golic said, "The Ravens were not out-talented" by the Denver Broncos last week, I made a note in my "Murderers of the Language" book, so I'd remember to write about it later when I had some more examples of blockhead sportscasters' gaffs. Today, however, I bring you "vigiling," not by a sportscaster, but by a bright, educated committed woman who knows better.

"I have been working with Plowshare Peace and Justice Center vigiling most days across from the Poff Federal Building and I set in motion a local march sponsored by Plowshare against strikes on Syria."

This is from a sentence on Facebook written by Cynthia Munley, a dedicated peace worker and a woman who gives politicians a lot to think about--much of it making them nervous. But "vigiling"? She was trying to tell us that she was holding a "vigil," which is not a verb. "Holding" is the verb and she didn't use it. Cynthia, please.

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