Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's Never Too Late To Follow Your Bliss (Ask Ashley)

That's Ashley's "soccer legs" (her term) right center. 
Ash (center) mixes it up.
Ash cools down.
Hannah (yellow), who has the prettiest running stride I've seen since Hank Aaron, dribbles.
Here's Hannah again. She scored after I left.
Hannah's little sister kicks into an opponent.
Ash and her boy talk during a break.
Ashley's coach takes care of business
Ash's daughter Hannah (yep, another one) is on the left; her pal on the right.
Ashley playing defense.
Teammates at halftime on the bench.
Are we tired yet?
Ashley leads the charge.
My buddy Ashley Mullen, the woman I told you about who cleans my house, has taken up soccer (again) at 40. Ash was a player at Patrick Henry High School about 22 years ago and now, after a long drought, she's back at it.

Today, I went to one of her games at the Greenfield Center in Botetourt County to take photos for her and found a lot more to shoot than Ash--or even her two good kids. Here's some of what I found.

Ash's Facebook page had the following tonight: "It's official ... I LOVE SOCCER!"


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