Friday, September 20, 2013

Here's How House Republican Obstruction Works

And let's not forget 40-plus votes on Obamacare.
President Obama yesterday accused House Republicans of using "extortion" to bargain for its goals and he's exactly right in that. Here's how Rachel Maddow explains it (on her blog):

"Consider an example from earlier this year. House Republicans approved a budget plan and challenged Senate Democrats to do the same, assuming they'd fail. The GOP miscalculated and Senate Dems approved their own budget plan in the spring.

"From there, lawmakers were supposed to enter bipartisan, bicameral negotiations, which is what always happens when the House and Senate approve competing budget blueprints. But a funny thing happened -- Republicans refused to enter the budget talks they said they wanted.

"It hasn't generated much attention, but it's important to understand why. GOP lawmakers couldn't go to the negotiating table because that would mean ... negotiating. Republicans weren't prepared to compromise on anything, so why bother with budget talks? What GOP officials wanted instead was to wait until the fall when they might at least try to claim leverage in an extortion plot."

That's precisely what's happening and I don't think there's even a point where an argument can start. I'm not even sure the Republicans want to disagree. Those on the far right fringe want to disrupt government, they want a shutdown, they want anarchy, though they have absolutely no idea what that means and when it affects them, they shit all over themselves.


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