Sunday, June 23, 2013

Private Companies Spying on Us: Worry About It

Here's where we are as a security-conscious nation right now, one that is putting security over freedom because we're terrified of anything that moves and says "Boo!".

Republicans have been so godawful since Nixon that we feel defensive about Democrats' transgressions, knowing we have little alternative. That basically gives the Dems carte blanche to do anything the Repubs would do with a level of impunity that is shocking. I'm more surprised that people are surprised by this than by the spying, which is completely unacceptable. Maybe, for once, our outrage will result in something positive. But probably not.

Most disturbing to many of us is the private companies taking over government functions without the regulation inherent in government programs (and they're generally over-regulated while private companies, when regulated at all are under-regulated). 

The notion that we should not be worried if we haven't done anything wrong is completely bogus because of the definition of what "anything wrong" is: broad and deep. If you've protested cigarette companies lying to us, you're likely in a datebase. If you're a member of a liberal or conservative group, you're in. If you've written a negative Facebook post, for example saying Mitch McConnell is as ugly as a 100-year-old turtle, you're likely being spied upon.

Worry about it. It's worth the effort.

(Drawing: Mad magazine's Spy vs. Spy)

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