Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli: Just How Controlled by Ambition Is He? (Hint: Totally)

Ken Cuccinelli: Up yours, voters of Virginia.
My buddy Dan Casey, the metro columnist for the local daily paper in Roanoke, has a way of putting old news that has whisked by us in the rush of 24/7 deadlines into a perspective that is meaningful. Would that more journalists had that ability--and that platform.

This morning (here), Dan takes a close look--with no original or new reporting--at Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the guy running for the governor's office in Virginia as a Republican--a Republican many in the GOP don't recognize from standards of the good old days.

Dan's is a superior job of re-printing some familiar information, letting you see it in context and as a whole and then letting you make your own decision about just how crooked this guy is. It's not any longer a question of whether, but how.


  1. And as terrible is Cuccinelli is, EW Jackson is far worse.

    In brighter news, I got to listen to Aneesh Chopra (Lt. Gov candidate) speak at a bar in Blacksburg on Thursday. Incredibly intelligent on the issues, all the way down to the local level. No BS with that guy, just smarts.

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