Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another Wild and Crazy Ruling from a Federal Court

First, the Supreme Court rules that corporations are people and now a lower court, the 10th Circuit, has found that a corporation, Hobby Lobby, is a religious person and, therefore exempt from the Affordable Care Act's requirement of coverage for abortion insurance coverage. See story here.

This ruling is yet another great example of why it is necessary for President Obama to fill the open federal judgeships--in the face of strong Republican opposition to anybody he nominates--as soon as possible. These Republican judges that dominate both the Supreme Court and the Circuit Courts are murdering our system of laws by distorting them for profit and religious zealotry reasons.

This ruling is insane, but no more so than a number of other recent rulings.

By the way, there are no Hobby Lobby stores around here (there are more than 500 nationally) or I would ask that you not shop there.

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  1. Huh. I thought the point of being a corporation was so you wouldn't be a people? Because there were benefits from that? But now you get the benefits of both states of being? How cool is that?