Saturday, June 8, 2013

For Betsy, It's Birthday No. 16 or 91; You Pick

Betsy's cake: Upside down, she's 16.
The whole crowd, except me, who is shooting pix, as usual.
Buzz from Academy of Fine Arts' David Jenkins.
With Josh, Samantha Smelzer of Roanoke.
With Catherine, Luke Mosley.
Luke does some clowning.
Sam shakes hands with Josh mirrored behind her.
Betsy with Joyce and Jim Gloudemans.
Academy's Jenkins and Vickie Budge, Brenda and Jim Ferrell, Betsy's in-laws.
Catherine looking lovely and being lovlier.
Our favorite editr and his surrogate mom celebrating in his new favorite seersucker shirt.
My friend Betsy and I are veterans of the June 6 (delayed two days this year) birthday of hers and this year was special. Betsy pointed out that her 91 years turned upside-down worked out to 16 and "sometimes I feel 16, other times 91." Me, too, Betsy.

Here we all are--Betsy and close friends; family came last year for 90, but they're spread out too far and wide to make it every year--today at Isabella's in Lynchburg, one of my favorite restaurants anywhere. We had a grand time and Betsy, as is often the case, was the center of attention.


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